<EM>Average Joe</EM> Average Joe

Y'know, cruelty to friends and subordinates brings out some of the best humor in a guy. Exhibit A: Lou's cracks to Mike about his new giant-veterinarian gal-pal swatting planes away, and about having to reinforce the firehouse floors if she ever comes to visit. But there's where the humor pretty much ends for this episode (not that that's a bad thing). It starts off light enough. You knew there'd be a problem with Sean's new girl, too. Turns out she really loves firemen, and loves setting fires to meet them, apparently. And speaking of problems, Johnny's right: Tommy's kids would have a better chance with a pack of wolves in the forest. But it is both fascinating and horrifying to watch Tommy, a guy who lies like he breathes, catch other liars. After all, he's so used to getting caught himself. But when he finds out Sheila's only been pretending to still be carrying a baby and heads over to her house, tossing her around and stuffing salad into her mouth? Rough stuff, as is watching her sobbing because she loves him.

It doesn't lighten up much from there, of course. Watching the Chief stonewall his own son isn't much better, and seeing Franco scream at his absolutely adorable little girl because he's out of pills is nearly as bad. Then there's poor Lou, thinking his bone marrow's cursed because the guy he donated it too also had his wife leave him for another man. Then again, who ever said this show was always about laughs?