Xzibit, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Xzibit, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

As a rapper, actor, and TV personality, Xzibit has made a name for himself in a wide variety of professions. But his next foray is sure to be his most shocking career move yet.

"If things keep going well, I might be a carpenter," he laughed.

The 35-year-old's new line of work can best be explained by his recent guest appearance on the seventh season premiere of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Extreme Makeover helps keep kids together in new home

The episode, airing this Sunday at 8/7c, sees Xzibit and the Extreme Makeover crew help build a new home for the Hill family of Suffield, Conn. Known to neighbors as the "family choir," Hills' family of 13 includes William and Catherine, their sons and daughters, and nieces and nephews taken in by the couple.

"I can definitely relate to their circumstance because I had an extended family," Xzibit says. "To see how much they actually care for each other and how much they give to each other, it just really hit home. ... The payoff, to see people come from dire circumstances and then come home to something that is going to relieve them and make a big life-changing difference, it hits home a lot harder."

During his seven-day stint, Xzibit oversaw the construction of what turned out to be a truly one-of-a-kind room. Without spoiling the episode, the Pimp My Ride host lives up to his title and pulls out all the stops. "I'm not a designer by trade but they gave me an opportunity to design something for all the guys in the basement," he says. "I got to spread my wings a little bit and I had a little help so I did justice for them."

Xzibit and Val Kilmer play bad with Nic Cage

So has he been putting his new set of skills to use at his own home since helping out on the Hill house? "I've been breaking out the level around the house, re-sanding things and painting them over," he says.

Xzibit's new hobby doesn't mean he's left behind his many day jobs. On top of his new studio album, tentatively set to drop next summer, the rapper-actor also has several films hitting theaters this fall, including Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and American Violet. "I'm just trying to put my feet into different characters and not play the stereotypical type thing, to let me grow as an actor."

He also offers some advice for Extreme Makeover's future celebrity guests: "Don't bring your good clothes!"