Astro, Steve Jones, Stacy Francis Astro, Steve Jones, Stacy Francis

Getting eliminated from any reality show is hard, but it was especially bitter for The X Factor's Stacy Francis. The 42-year-old mom from Los Angeles was ousted Thursday after an odd face-off with Astro, one of her competitors. The 15-year-old rapper refused to sing for his life, talked back to Simon Cowell and yet was still saved by the judges. "The thing you get disappointed about when you see someone like Astro have such an obnoxious attitude, is that he gets to stay," she said after her elimination Thursday. "That's kind of a hard pill to swallow."

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Francis admitted that she herself might have come off as arrogant Wednesday, but said it was only because she was so shocked and disappointed in her performance of Meat Loaf's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," which was chosen by her mentor, Nicole Scherzinger. "I regret my song choice last night and I regret my song choice last week as well," she said. "It's all about song choice in this whole thing, and I don't feel like I was myself in it. I was trying to be something else because I was persuaded. It's a very difficult thing."

Francis also blamed technical difficulties for her poor showing. "I couldn't hear the music," she said. "The audience is going crazy, screaming, and I didn't have an in-ear monitor. So the song was off-key in the beginning. And I don't think I found my footing until about the middle of it and it was too late at that point."

After both Astro and Francis were revealed to be in the bottom two, Astro at first questioned the need to sing for his life before his mentor, L.A. Reid, told him to do it. "I thought he was using it as a tool to amp up the audience. And I was standing there like, 'Damn, he's about to kill it.''' Francis said. "He's a true artist and some people get away with that. You know, America sometimes likes that cockiness." Although Astro did end up singing for his life, his initial hesitation did not sit well with Reid and Simon Cowell, who scolded Astro for his bad attitude, which prompted the singer to talk back to Cowell in front of millions of people. "I don't understand his behavior. I mean, he's 15, and you can call him a teenager and give him an excuse," Francis said. "But bad behavior is bad behavior. I think that he wasn't gracious in that moment."

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But he's safe for now, but for how long? "I think America is really down on people who take on arrogance that way. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in the bottom two again next week.," Francis said. "If he got the least amount of votes this week, I can't imagine him having that many next week with that attitude. It was pretty off-putting."

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Despite her ultimately underwhelming performance in the competition, Francis remained optimistic about her future in the music industry. "Frontline Management will probably manage me, Irving Azoff. He said that he's a fan. So I hope that that relationship will blossom. I do have to feed my children. So that's the goal," she said. "I think my music will be R&B. It will be soul: Aretha Franklin and old-school Whitney Houston. It will be big ballads and also heartfelt inspirational stuff."

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