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The X Factor made up for last week's truncated episode (which was cut off prematurely due to a lengthy rain delay in baseball's National League Championship Series) with a special Tuesday night installment this week, with Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell revealing which finalists they would be taking to the live competitions beginning on Nov. 1.

In addition to Willie Jones and Jennel Garcia, who were shown during last week's truncated episode, Lovato rounded out her final four with Paige Thomas, who started weeping because she initially thought she was being dismissed, and CeCe Frey. The two were supposed rivals during the initial auditions and the boot camp round, so it will be interesting to see how they handle each other once the live shows start.

Lovato dismissed Nick Youngerman, who compared being sent home to "a bad breakup," and Jillian Jensen, whose departure left both contestant and judge (and probably some viewers at home!) in tears. "You are so extremely talented and everyone can see that," Lovato told her. "The problem is this competition is based on more than just incredible vocalists. Sometimes I have to make some really, really tough decisions."

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Cowell's picks, from the groups, are as follows:


Lyric 145: Though they are one of the groups made up of individual contestants who were partnered by the judges, Lyric 145 won Cowell over with their quickly-established chemistry. "I have to put people in, if I'm being honest with you, who I believe are going to absolutely blow people away," Cowell told them.

Emblem3: "I have been impressed with you from the minute I first saw you," Cowell told the all-male trio. But, he said they appeared to have not rehearsed enough for their final performance in the judges' homes round, which could come back to bite them in the live shows. "When you've got this much on the line, even 100 percent's not enough," Cowell warned.

Sister C: The Texas trio (yes, they're actually sisters) represent the country contingency in this season. "I can imagine in the future recognizing you on radio," Cowell told them. "Talent is the most important thing, but then personality and likability is really, really important as well. ... I think America is going to love you."

Lylas: The assembled group of five female singers wowed Cowell during their performance in Miami. "I was very, very impressed with your vocals. But you do understand that when I put someone into the live shows, I have to have total, utter confidence that they can deliver under an awful lot of pressure," he told them. Apparently they can!

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Dope Crisis: Cowell told the rap duo he was impressed with their performance, but had difficulty discerning where they would fit in the music industry. "Where do you fit in the market? Could you take the place of somebody else?" Cowell mused before delivering the bad news.

Playback: With the boy-band niche already filled by Emblem3, Cowell opted to send Playback home. "There was a great energy, and I felt a friendship and a chemistry," Cowell told the assembled group of teens, and then offered them farewell handshakes. Maybe they'll stick together?

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