2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 FIFA World Cup

Whether you call it football or soccer doesn't matter, the FIFA World Cup is still the sport's single most important event. Played every four years, this year the World Cup is being held in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, which means it's officially time to dust off your vuvuzela, break out your favorite team's jersey, and embrace Brazilian culture in anticipation of an entire month in which everyone, even Sports Night's Dan Rydell, pretends to love soccer.

Below you'll find the complete schedule of events, including times and where to watch each game, so you have no excuse to miss a single point scored (or not scored). All game broadcasts will be available to watch online at ESPN3.com with a valid cable provider login. You'll also be able to find them on both the WatchESPN and WatchABC apps. So fire up your DVRs, call in sick to work for a month, and get ready for some soccer. We mean football. We mean... yeah, sports!

Summer TV: Must watch new shows

Note: All times are Eastern.

Thursday, June 12

4/3c Brazil vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Friday, June 13

12/11c Mexico vs. Cameroon (ESPN2)

3/2c Spain vs. Netherlands (ESPN)

6/5c Chile vs. Australia (ESPN2)

Saturday, June 14

12/11c Colombia vs. Greece (ABC)

3/2c Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (ABC)

6/5c England vs. Italy (ESPN)

9/8c Ivory Coast vs. Japan (ESPN)

Sunday, June 15

12/11c Switzerland vs. Ecuador (ABC)

3/2c France vs. Honduras (ABC)

6/5c Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESPN)

Monday, June 16

12/11c Germany vs. Portugal (ESPN)

3/2c Iran vs. Nigeria (ESPN)

6/5c Ghana vs. USA (ESPN)

Tuesday, June 17

12/11c Belgium vs. Algeria (ESPN)

3/2c Brazil vs. Mexico (ESPN)

6/5c Russia vs. South Korea (ESPN)

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Wednesday, June 18

12/11c Netherlands vs. Australia (ESPN)

3/2c Spain vs. Chile (ESPN)

6/5c Cameroon vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Thursday, June 19

12/11c Colombia vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN)

3/2c Uruguay vs. England (ESPN)

6/5c Greece vs. Japan (ESPN)

Friday, June 20

12/11c Costa Rica vs. Italy (ESPN)

3/2c Switzerland vs. France (ESPN)

6/5c Ecuador vs. Honduras (ESPN)

Saturday, June 21

12/11c Argentina vs. Iran (ESPN)

3/2c Germany vs. Ghana (ESPN)

6/5c Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Nigeria (ESPN)

Sunday, June 22

12/11c Belgium vs. Russia (ABC)

3/2c Algeria vs. South Korea (ABC)

6/5c Portugal vs. USA (ESPN)

Monday, June 23

12/11c Netherlands vs. Chile (ESPN)

12/11c Australia vs. Spain (ESPN2)

4/3c Croatia vs. Mexico (ESPN)

4/3c Cameroon vs. Brazil (ESPN2)

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Tuesday, June 24

12/11c Italy vs. Uruguay (ESPN)

12/11c Costa Rica vs. England (ESPN2)

4/3c Japan vs. Colombia (ESPN)

4/3c Greece vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN2)

Wednesday, June 25

12/11c Nigeria vs. Argentina (ESPN)

12/11c Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran (ESPN2)

4/3c Ecuador vs. France (ESPN)

4/3c Honduras vs. Switzerland (ESPN2)



Thursday, June 26

12/11c USA vs. Germany (ESPN)

12/11c Portugal vs. Ghana (ESPN2)

4/3c South Korea vs. Belgium (ESPN)

4/3c Algeria vs. Russia (ESPN2)

Saturday, June 28

12/11c Match 49: Winner Group A vs. Runner-up Group B (ABC)

4/3c Match 50: Winner Group C vs. Runner-up Group D (ABC)

Sunday, June 29

12/11c Match 51: Winner Group B vs. Runner-up Group A (ESPN)

4/3c Match 52: Winner Group D vs. Runner-up Group C (ESPN)

Monday, June 30

12/11c Match 53: Winner Group E vs. Runner-up Group F (ESPN)

4/3c Match 54: Winner Group G vs. Runner-up Group H (ESPN)

Tuesday, July 1

12/11c Match 55: Winner Group F vs. Runner-up Group E (ESPN)

4/3c Match 56 Winner Group H vs. Runner-up G (ESPN)



Friday, July 4

12/11c Match 57: Winner Match 53 vs. Winner Match 54 (ESPN2)

4/3c March 58: Winner Match 50 vs. Winner Match 49 (ESPN)

Saturday, July 5

12/11c Match 59: Winner Match 55 vs. Winner Match 56 (ABC)

4/3c Match 60: Winner Match 51 vs. Winner Match 52 (ESPN)


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Tuesday, July 8

4/3c Match 61: Winner Match 57 vs. Winner Match 58 (ESPN)

Wednesday, July 9

4/3c Match 62: Winner Match 59 vs. Winner Match 60 (ESPN)



Saturday, July 12

4/3c Match 63 Loser Match 61 vs. Loser Match 62 (ESPN)



Sunday, July 13 

3/2c Match 64: Winner Match 61 vs. Winner Match 62 (ABC)