Wolfgang Puck by Kevin Parry/ WireImage.com Wolfgang Puck by Kevin Parry/ WireImage.com

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck joined Along Came Mary Productions founder Mary Miccuci, Recording Academy chair Jimmy Jam and VP of production and process management Branden Chapman to showcase the decor and menu for the upcoming 2008 Grammy Celebration party. The Feb. 10 event will host approximately 6,000 guests directly following the awards show and feature performances by such artists as the Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

For the demonstration, Puck egged on Jam to take off his suit jacket and don a chef's coat. The two joked and cooked up several dishes that will be served at the massive party, which will include spicy tuna tartar in sesame miso cones, wild mushroom and mascarpone tarts and miniature kobe beef burgers on brioche buns. "All the musicians love to eat! Whether it's Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige or Herbie Hancock, the Foo Fighters... they all come to the restaurant and they all love spicy and exciting food," Puck told TV Guide. "They are very adventurous, so it's actually fun to cook for them."

To give an idea of exactly how much food will be served at the Grammy Celebration, here's a sampling: 500 pounds of wild-caught striped bass, 1,800 pounds of short ribs, 10,000 wood-fired flatbread slices, 15,000 hand-cracked eggs and 200 pounds of organic Valrhona chocolate. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As for what Puck has cooking outside the kitchen, he has a new television program - aimed at a different crowd. "I'm working on an animated show for kids, to teach them about nutrition, the history of food, its geography and everything," Puck shared. - Clare Kleinedler