Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was arrested Saturday after he rode a hoverboard through Los Angeles International Airport, TMZ reports.

The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, posted videos and pictures of his arrest on Twitter and Instagram Saturday. "Haven't been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun," he captioned one.

It has not been made public what charges (if any) were filed against Khalifa; however, based on his social media posts, it appears that he may have been charged with resisting arrest. "I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want," Khalifa, 27, wrote on one Instagram post.

Check out his posts below:

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want.

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