Poppy Montgomery by Robert Voets/CBS Poppy Montgomery by Robert Voets/CBS

It's official: Poppy Montgomery's pregnancy will be written into the upcoming season of Without a Trace. Montgomery announced in June that she and boyfriend Adam Kaufman were expecting their first child in December. On a visit to a Trace location shoot in New York City earlier this week, TV Guide confirmed that Montgomery's character, FBI agent Sam Spade, will also be expecting. But who is Sam's babydaddy? Sam has had affairs with both boss Jack Malone and fellow agent Martin Fitzgerald, but could the father be someone else?

Montgomery knows the answer, but won't give it away. "I have to bite my tongue because I'm busting to tell everybody," she says. "There are a number of people in the mix. I think it'll be quite surprising."

Montgomery does reveal that Sam struggles with her choice of profession because she's carrying a child. "Every time she goes to work, she's potentially at risk for being killed. It's a hard decision to make." - Reporting by Charles Curtis