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Darkness is rising on Witches of East End.

When viewers last saw the Beauchamp women, they had defeated Penelope (Virginia Madsen), but the fight had only just begun. First, Joanna was left fatally poisoned, and her death also triggered the power within her sons, Dash (Eric Winter) and Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso), which surfaced during their death match over Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum). At the same time, Ingrid (Rachel Boston) was forced to open the portal to Asgard — the magical realm they originally came from —  leaving the door wide open for any enemy whom Joanna (Julia Ormond) and Wendy (Madchen Amick) left behind to seek revenge.

"All hell is going to break loose," executive producer Maggie Friedman told us during the show's panel, moderated by TVGuide.com, at the ATX Television Festival. "It's a lot scarier, a lot creepier, we also have a new [director of photography] so there's a new look to the show that's rich and dark, and we're going to some really weird places.

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When the Lifetime series returns on Sunday at 9/8c , the ladies will face the immediate effects of the finale's consequences, with Joanna fighting to stay alive, Freya seeing visions of Killian in danger, Ingrid developing a bizarre sleepwalking habit, and Wendy, well, being Wendy by providing comic relief in the darkest of times. Read on for more scoop for the season ahead.

Ingrid is getting her freak on
When the show picks up, "love is not on [Ingrid's] mind," Boston says, but viewers will see she's definitely going to be getting hot and heavy with someone, and it ends with a bizarre twist. "There's some romance for Ingrid... in a surprising way," Friedman says. Adds producer Richard Hatem, "Ingrid is a lightning rod, and weird things come [her] way early on. In the last minute of the first episode, something very [strange] happens."

The newest Beauchamp
There will two Beauchamp men present this season, including Freya and Ingrid's father Victor (Joel Gretsch) who was introduced last season, and their brother Frederick (Christian Cooke), whom they didn't know existed. "[Frederick] was left back in Asgard when they came over and he's actually Freya's twin, and when the two of them are together they can do special spells that they can't do apart," Friedman explains. "But there's going to be conflict between Wendy and Joanna because Wendy thinks Frederick is here to do harm, and Joanna loves her son and trusts him." As for Victor, Boston says, "He has a big arc in bringing us together as a family."

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A broken family curse?
As it was revealed last season, Joanna was cursed: Her daughters would die within 24 hours of each other by the time they are 30. And once she's done mourning, she's nine months pregnant again. "Joanna's goal last season was that she wanted to keep her daughters alive as long as possible," Friedman says. "We'll definitely play with the worry of that [year approaching] and what it means. Also, Wendy [who like a cat had nine lives] has no more lives left."

More flashbacks
Being reborn has its perks: getting to experience tons of different time periods. Although Freya and Ingrid don't remember their past lives, the audience will get to relive them. "Flashbacks are a big part of Season 2; we have some really cool ones," Freidman says. "I love it from a storytelling standpoint because you can have a flashback in an episode where the theme of it informs the present day story. It's also fun to imagine and put them into costumes and see them occupy a different time period."

New love triangle
It might seem that the Dash-Freya-Killian love triangle is over after Freya called off her wedding to Dash who then nearly killed Killian. But Friedman says, "That love triangle is going to get spun in a completely new direction. We saw what happened to Dash, and Killian has gone off, so Freya will find herself in a completely different romantic circumstance." Adds Hatem, "This is going to be a love pentagram. It gets a lot more complicated."

Light beneath the dark
Yes, this season will be scarier — just watch this — but there will still be laughter and heart at the center. "The relationships keep the fun alive and the fact that the women give each other sh-- all the time," Friedman says. "We have gone dark, but you have to keep the lightness alive otherwise the darkness is punishing." Adds Hatem, "The nice thing is that there is always conflict but at the bottom of the conflict there's still always family.  These are characters who love each other, and [being] in conflict just tests that."

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Witches of East End airs Sundays at 9/8c on Lifetime.