The holidays are here now, but once all the gingerbread cookies have been devoured and all the presents have been unwrapped (and maybe, possibly discreetly exchanged for what everyone really wanted), you'll probably be turning your thoughts to January and beyond. Translation: goodbye family, hello again favorite TV shows!

If you're anything like us, you've probably been dying without your favorite shows every week. It's been a long hiatus for some of them (ahem, Scandal)! This is why we, in a special gift to you, tracked down your favorite TV stars and executive producers to find out what exactly is coming down the pike for all of those beloved shows. What's going to happen on The Blacklist after that crazy midseason finale? We can tell you! How will Michael deal with that surprising and unwelcome return on The Good Place? We know that too! We've got all that scoop and more in the gallery below. So check it out, mark your calendars and get excited, because new episodes will be here before you know it!

19 of the Best New TV Shows to Watch This Winter