William Shatner William Shatner

William Shatner may just be warp-speeding past Ryan Seacrest as the man with the most jobs in show business: the TV icon has a hit sitcom with big upcoming guest stars, a talk show, a newsmakers series, an upcoming book and a new album in the works.

His CBS sitcom,  $#*! My Dad Says, is a likely candidate to return for a second season, the actor told TV Guide Magazine at a breakfast to distribute philanthropic funds in conjunction with the Hollywood Charity Horse Show he founded. "It's getting terrific numbers, holding steady and beginning to build, and we're very hopeful for next season," Shatner says of his first regular sitcom gig. "I was unprepared for how different it is and I'm thrilled by it. I may be having the most fun of anything that I've ever done."

Upcoming episodes will feature a slew of guest stars: Along with Jean Smart's recent addition as a semi-regular love interest for Shatner's Ed Goodson, he'll also be joined by Cybill Shepherd and Lee Majors.

Shatner revealed that Shepherd will play "a fleeting, half-hour love interest," while Majors will vie with Ed for Smart's affections. "He plays my rival," says Shatner, who guest-starred on a 1974 episode of Majors' hit The Six Million Dollar Man. "Over the years we have [remained friends]. Not close friends, but we've known each other and I admire him. He's a wonderful guy and a really terrific actor."

Shatner hopes even more of his famous former co-stars — like Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, T.J. Hooker's Heather Locklear and Boston Legal's James Spader — will stop by his sitcom at some point. "I'd love to share this delightful experience I'm having with everybody that I've ever known."

Meanwhile, along with new seasons of the Bio Channel shows he hosts — the talk show Raw Nerve and the news profile Aftermath — Shatner is working on more projects, including a return to his oft-infamous music career.

"I'm about to start work on a new book, and I'm working on an album called 'Sinking Major Tom,'" says the actor, who is teaming with producer Adam Hamilton, the former bassist of L.A. Guns, who's assembled comeback albums for Leif Garrett and Vanilla Ice. "We're gathering a large coterie of fabulous musicians that are already laying down tracks for cover songs."

With all the multitasking, the 79-year old still finds time to use his personal passion for riding to raise funds through his Hollywood Charity Horse Show. "I'm able to take something that I love to do and use my celebrity to get people to give some money," he sas. He. may even mount a steed on $#*! My Dad Says. "They're talking about it, but I don't know if that'll be possible or not."

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