Will Kirby, <EM>Dr. 90210</EM> Will Kirby, Dr. 90210

Fans may know him as the "Evil Doctor," but Will Kirby won't let that get in his way of being the newest Dr. 90210. The cosmetic dermatologist who won Big Brother 2 and appeared on Big Brother All-Stars is already well into his stint as a doc on the popular E! reality series (airing 10 PM/ET, E!), which follows plastic surgeons and their glitzy clients in L.A.

"I think this is the best season of Dr. 90210 ever, because there's a younger element, more of a Hollywood element, and we're really just trying to punch it up a bit," says Kirby. As a cosmetic dermatologist, Kirby does not typically perform the large-scale surgeries that the show's viewers may be used to, but he does many of the procedures that Hollywood clientele crave, such as lip augmentations and Botox — which in tonight's episode will be performed on a bartender's armpits to stop excessive sweating.

"As the season progresses, you'll see people you know from different TV shows," he says, including Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez, Big Brother costar Mike Boogie and Kirby's girlfriend, For Love or Money winner Erin Brodie. "We're sort of bringing a cheesy reality element to this season," he adds.

As for his reputation as a reality-show baddie, Kirby explains, "Big Brother is a competition show, and I'm a good competitor because I understand it's about being malicious and manipulative, and I have those traits in the context of a reality show. But in my real life, I like to think that I'm a pretty caring doctor."

And what about those I Hate Evil Dr. Will websites? He laughs, "It's fun to be the good guy, it's fun to be the bad guy — you just don't want to be the guy who was forgotten. Say whatever you want about me... just spell my name right."

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