Thursday night's Will & Grace delivered one of its most gut-wrenching episodes to date when the NBC sitcom explained the absence of Karen's (Megan Mullally) best friend and maid, Rosario Salazar (Shelly Morrison).

In the heartfelt episode, Rosario, who hasn't appeared onscreen in the revival, died of a heart attack and the show bid farewell to the memorable character with a special funeral service. In real life, Morrison is still alive but has retired from acting, As a result, creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick made the difficult decision to kill her off.

"The character felt too much a part of the fabric of the show to just dismiss it with a line or two or an explanation. It felt like it merited more of a loving farewell," Kohan explained to Variety.

Rosario was mentioned in passing in previous episodes of the revival, but this week's episode finally closed the book on the fan favorite character. The emotional episode touched longtime viewers who took to Twitter to express their grief over having to say goodbye to the Rosario, who was never afraid to put Karen in check.

"How are we supposed to live without Rosario on #WillAndGrace? Her relationship with Karen was comedic gold. I'm officially in mourning," wrote user Vintage Wingnut.

A few cast members also bid farewell to Rosario on the social media platform.

Here's how the rest of Twitter reacted to Rosario's death.

The episode also briefly mentioned the passing of Grace's mom, Bobbi Adler. Debbie Reynolds, who played her on the series, died in December 2016. According to Mutchnick, the show plans to address her death on a larger scale in another episode. "She's obviously not coming back, but we will be speaking to it and the characters will be speaking to it," he said.

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