As it turns out, Grace (Debra Messing) still has a lot to learn on Will & Grace.

In this exclusive clip, the successful designer gets a quick lesson on the "pajama party position," a particular way of sitting that Will uses to prove that Grace's recent "date" was actually a business meeting with a gay man. Will says that when he came home, the man was sitting the the pajama party position on their couch. Jack demonstrates the position for Grace, chiming in that "no heterosexual man has ever sat this way."

Thursday night's episode will feature even more discoveries with Jack learning that his estranged son Elliot has a kid of his own named Skip. Interestingly enough, Skip will need the kind of help that only Will and his grandfather can provide. Meanwhile, Grace and Karen are up to no good and have a bit of fun with the hot new guy at work.

The episode, which is set to tackle gay conversion therapy, will also feature Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells in guest-starring roles.

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Sean Hayes, Will & GraceSean Hayes, Will & Grace