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It may be the beginning of the end for Steve Carell and his Office alter-ego, Michael Scott, but the debut of Will Ferrell Thursday night gave Office fans a lot to laugh about. Here are six of our favorite moments from Thursday's episode:

"Life Happened":  Before Michael Scott even realizes that he is talking to his replacement (it takes him awhile), Michael and Deangelo bond over things that only they had in common. Case in point: They both have a fear of skiing because of the death of "Sonny Bobo" and each has an overzealous affection for the Olympics. (Deangelo tried to start an animal Olympics, but "life happened.")

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How May I Assist You?: Deangelo's first (small) attempt to exercise his managerial power rubs Michael the wrong way. When Deangelo gently suggests that Erin (Ellie Kemper) change the company's longtime telephone greeting to "Dunder Mifflin, how may I assist you?" Michael insists that she keep it the old way. The two managers go back and forth so much that when the phone actually rings, Erin has no idea what to do. So, she waits four rings before she picks up, apologizes and hangs up.

A Meet Cute: Kelly Kapoor's (Mindy Kaling) love of romantic comedies has been well documented on The Office for years, so she puts her years of researching the likes of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey to good use to meet the new boss. Kelly drops a big pile of papers as she walks by Deangelo, and just as he bends down to help her, she tosses her hair and bites the tip of her glasses before walking away without grabbing the papers she dropped.

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Office Funny Guy: Andy (Ed Helms) quickly becomes dubbed the "office funny guy" when a normal comment is misinterpreted by Deangelo as a joke. For the rest of the day, it's Andy's cross to bear and his attempts to make Deangelo laugh range from "edgy" political social commentary to physical comedy such as throwing hot coffee on his own crotch. "I guess this is my life now," Andy sullenly tells the camera crew.

A Real Power Move: When Deangelo brings in the top barber in Scranton (according to Yelp.com, natch) to shave his face, Michael recruits Erin to do the same. Erin accidentally overcompensates with the shaving cream and covers Michael's mouth, even as he  tries to chat with the staff. "Can you stop talking now? I have to do your lips," Erin says seriously.

Lake Havasu Time:  Just as Deangelo is about to hold his first meeting, he attempts to make things right with Michael and asks him to "bring it in" for a hug. Michael pauses, but just as Denangelo walks away, he embraces his replacement from behind. "Why did you have to be so damn good?" Michael asks. "I just didn't expect you to get there so fast." Deangelo then tells Michael to "get your Senioritis on. It's Lake Havasu time." Deangelo asks one last question — what's the Native American girl's name? — but Michael confidently tells him he'll figure it out.

Watch the full episode below. What were your favorite moments?