Will Ferrell Will Ferrell

Is Will Ferrell going to replace Steve Carell on The Office... permanently?

TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411 caught up with the jokester recently to ask if his four-episode guest stint might turn into something more permanent. "You know, we're talking about it," he deadpanned. "It would be a cool thing. We're just seeing."

Though Office producers have indicated that Ferrell was perhaps joking, cast member Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith Palmer, is in favor of the idea. "There's no replacing Steve Carell," she tells Hollywood 411. "He's amazing, but I feel like we're so taken care of and the fact that Will Ferrell is going to come and do four episodes with us is just, I mean, you couldn't ask for a better transition."  She added: "[Ferrell is] such a lovely guy and so hilarious. I'm either trying to stop crying or trying to stop laughing."

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