Paging an optometrist, stat! Big Brother 5's token gay guy, Will Wikle, has suffered major visual trauma. First, he was seeing double (and then he was seeing red) when Project DNA backfired on him. Evil twin Adria conspired with her identical sister, Natalie, to evict the 26-year-old Mississippian registered nurse (and life of the party) from the house. Before being sequestered, Will dished his adventure with TV Guide Online, including his true opinion of those sneaky siblings

TVGO: What did you think of the twin twist?
Will Wikle:
It explained a lot at first. Of course now I regret it and I wish them all the bad luck in the world.

TVGO: Will you ever eat PB&J again?
I actually didn't mind peanut butter going into the house all that much. Not only will I continue to eat it, but I will also keep cans of it around for sentimental value.

TVGO: It seems to have gotten very cutthroat in the house — are you at all glad to be out?
Yes! The level of lies and deceit were making me physically ill and I need a vacation. Thank God for the sequester [time].

TVGO: How do you feel about the Drew and Diane relationship?
I think it will end the minute the cameras stop rolling.

TVGO: Was being in the house harder than you expected?
Yes. It was difficult to be removed from all my support systems. It really made me appreciate my life.

TVGO: Did you do anything embarrassing that you wish you could take back?
Of course! After you are in the house for a few weeks, you really do forget about all the cameras! There were several "sexually oriented" discussions that I probably shouldn't have participated in.

TVGO: Would you ever do anything like this again?
In a second! I really learned so much about myself and my outside life in general. Because of my experiences on Big Brother, I will forever more live a more grateful, fulfilled existence.

TVGO: You said you desperately missed music. Who do you normally listen to?
I am a hardcore hip-hop fan and adore Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Usher and Timbaland.

TVGO: Who do you think is the biggest fashion disaster?
There were several fashion disasters but the biggest of all was Jase. From the bad highlights to the pit stains, he was always full of fashion don'ts.

TVGO: Were you disappointed that you never won a head of household or power of veto competition?
No, I think it says a lot that I never won anything and managed to not be nominated until Week 7.

TVGO: You compared Jase and Adria. Which one is worse?
Adria by far! Adria lied and manipulated under the guise of religion and true friendship and that is inexcusable.