Rural New Jersey isn't that far from New York City, but for Wife Swap mom Lynn Bradley, they're worlds apart. On tonight's episode of the new reality series (10 pm/ET on ABC), the Garden State homemaker switches places with a Manhattan mother who lives in an empire state of opulence, complete with three nannies and a housekeeper. Here, Bradley tells TV Guide Online how she went from wood-chopping to shoe-shopping, as she adapted the not-so-simple life of a socialite.

TV Guide Online: How does it feel to be the wife who's depicted in a more positive light? You come across much better than your counterpart, Jodi Spolansky.
Lynn Bradley:
Oh yeah? I'm surprised. I don't really look at it that way. I thought I came across as a wimp because I couldn't stand up to [Steven, Jodi's husband]. He belittles you too quickly. You just want to crawl into a corner.

TVGO: How was it when the cameras were off? Was he more sociable toward you?
Actually, when the cameras weren't there, neither was he. So it worked out nice.

TVGO: What were you doing when they weren't filming? Did you have free time?
Yeah, I had free time, but I also played with the kids and helped out with the cleaning.

TVGO: The kids were really entrusted to you for two full weeks?

TVGO: So you couldn't just say, "I'm going to a movie tonight" and leave them alone?
Until I fired the nannies, the nannies were there. But when I was playing Jodi's role, she's never home, so I was never home. I was always out shopping or going to the gym or the salon. I forgot she had kids. I felt bad.

TVGO: Overall, how do you feel after seeing the finished product?
I liked the way they portrayed us — very accurately. It was a great experience, and I think that if anybody had a chance to do it, they should. You really learn a lot from it about yourself and about your family. I walked away with a new pair of shoes and my pride. [Laughs]