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Why We'll Never Stop Rooting for Daniel Bryan

His glorious mane, for one

Sadie Gennis

Daniel Bryan may have won WrestleMania last year, but the Yes! Man was stripped of his title shortly after due to a neck injury. However, the Bearded Wonder has a second chance to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion this spring if he can defeat Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. And while Reigns did technically win the Royal Rumble, we have no qualms giving all of our support to Bryan.

Here are 13 reasons why we'll always have his back:

1.His main priority is just to put on a great match.

2. He can make any opponent look good.

3. His submissions.



4. He doesn't bother yelling and putting on a tough facade (*cough cough John Cena), but he's always high-energy and exciting to watch.

5. He isn't afraid to be vulnerable.




6. He's a real-life crime-fighter.

7. He's humble.



8. He's got jokes.



9. His small size means he has to work harder and fight for everything he gets.

10. He has no problem getting in touch with his feminine side.



11. He isn't flashy and prefers real technique over brute strength.

12. His glorious mane.



13. He's a man of the people.

To sum up: