Matt Dallas, <EM>Kyle XY</EM> Matt Dallas, Kyle XY

Who is Kyle XY? And where did he come from? Or is the question what is this strange young, innocent man? And perhaps the issue at hand is when did he originate? All such mysteries are raised in the series premiere of ABC Family's Kyle XY, airing tonight at 8 pm/ET, in which a lad with no belly button and no clothes, for that matter appears in the middle of nowhere, knowing nothing and saying nothing about who he might be. hoped to have more luck fishing out answers from Kyle's portrayer, Matt Dallas. So, are you excited for the show's premiere?
Matt Dallas:
Oh, yeah... it's getting close, and we're getting all this crazy press! Im excited! How long has it been, anyway, since you filmed the pilot?
We shot it, like, last summer, so its been almost a year. We did a few reshoots, but its been while. What sort of scenes did you reshoot?

Dallas: We reshot some of the family stuff to make it a little bit tighter. It's nice because we definitely made it much more of a real family. Before it was sort of a very "TV family" that sat down and ate every meal together. Now its a family where nobody's really in the same room at the same time. Now that the Kyle XY ads are everywhere with your abs exposed, do you have people asking you whether you have a belly button or not?

Dallas: [Laughs] Yeah, all the time. "Do you really have a belly button?" Or, "How does it feel to not have a belly button?" Or people asking to see my belly button! People are funny. The opening scene of Kyle XY is similar to that of the series John Doe, with a mysterious person of unknown origin waking up in the middle of nowhere naked, unable to explain himself....

Dallas: We've been getting compared to John Doe quite often, but what's funny is this show was actually created before John Doe was even a series. They created this show seven years ago, and it's just been floating around trying to find a home. In the meantime, John Doe came on the air and went. I get how people could see the trailer for Kyle XY and think were kind of the same thing, but its a much different show. The naked-in-the-woods scene  was that the very first one you actually shot?

Dallas: No, that was actually toward the end of the shoot, which was kind of nice. I got to know people first before I dropped my pants. What have been the pros and cons of playing this quiet, innocent, unformed person?

Dallas: I tell you what's cool about playing this character that he is experiencing everything for the first time, so I really got to strip down everything of me, go back to that innocence and really see everything from that perspective. Also, the emotion of it  being so emotional and available was something that was really cool and different. Yeah, people watching this show will certainly not get the sense they're seeing what the actor Matt Dallas is like.
Yeah, which is cool. For once Im not playing myself. I get to play an actual character, and that makes acting so interesting. But that's not to say your Entourage character [a high-powered producer's decidedly swishy boy toy] was you either.

Dallas: That's true, I wasn't playing myself on Entourage either. [Laughs] That character was not a parody but very much a stereotype of a character. Kyle XY is an actual serious dramatic role where I get to carve out a character. Entourage was one line where I went on and acted like a gay guy. I had forgotten that was you, but my gym has been repeating Entourage's Season 2, and last week I was like, "Hey, there's Matt Dallas!"

Dallas: It's funny because it's been a while since that aired, but now the second-season DVDs are out and it's a whole other wave of people watching it and recognizing me from it. Disney-ABC must be stoked about Kyle XY, to be airing rebroadcasts of the first few episodes on ABC proper, as well as posting them on iTunes.
It's already up on iTunes and people have been downloading it since Tuesday. That's a huge vote of confidence. It's nice to know the network feels that strongly. After the premiere, I trust we'll be seeing Kyle talk some more?

Dallas: Oh, yeah. Well see Kyle develop very quickly. And the mysterious guy in the pickup truck that's following him, I take it he's part of a "much larger thing"?

Dallas: Hes definitely part of a much larger thing that Kyle is caught up in that he doesnt realize. Its all part of his task discovering who he is and where he's come from. I understand that something called the "Mada Corporation" fits into his backstory?

Dallas: To be honest with you, we're finishing Episode 10, and I do not know very much at all about the Mada Corporation. I keep asking and I'm not getting answers. [Laughs] I've seen them approving letterheads and stuff like that for it, but I dont now what it is or when its going to come into play more. After all, Mada is Adam ­ as in creationism, and the genesis of human life  spelled backwards.
That's right! Do you have anything else in the works?

Dallas: No, not really. I'm going back to L.A. on Monday to wait and see what happens from here. It'd be nice to do a feature, but well see. I haven't really had time to even think about it. Kyle XY could be just the sort of starring gig to get you really noticed.

Dallas: Hopefully!