Whoa! The last thing this world needs is two Sloanes. But if anyone is up to the task of matching Ron Rifkin's creepy, untrustworthy character, it's Joel Grey. He was an amazingly evil demon trying to kill poor little Dawnie on Buffy, mischievously good as the Wizard in the Broadway musical Wicked and his painted emcee from the movie Cabaret still gives me the heebie-jeebies, though that last one is probably unintentional. But this new twist having fake Sloane responsible for Vaughn's wild-goose chase and most likely the hit on Syd that led to Irina's death should make for some interesting future episodes. Too bad this wasn't one of them. Sorry JJ et al. I love the series, but watching Vaughn kick butt while Sydney's stuck home just talking to people is about as exciting as watching paint dry. And I had to turn away during that funky sequence in the hospital basement. The red room made my eyes all squinty.

The only thing that really grabbed my attention was Katya's chocolate allergy. That's almost a fate worth than death. But her willingness to risk her life in order to get her niece to visit her? I don't trust that, and she's obviously taken guilt-trip lessons from an expert. But Sydney's big-sister act seems forced, as does her welcome-home hug to Vaughn. Guess that's the reason that costars shouldn't date. But Marshall sneaking around worried that Jack might keel over from the nuclear mutations? That actually seemed like some genuine emotion.