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27 Thoughts I Had Watching Sacha Baron Cohen Try to Get O.J. Simpson to Confess on Who Is America?

This was truly insane television

Liam Mathews

Going into the finale of Sacha Baron Cohen's prank interview show Who Is America?, we thought we knew what we were going to see. We were expecting his highly-anticipated interview with Sarah Palin, who basically broke the news of the show before it premiered under a cloud of mystery last month. But instead we got something that only the most devoted Who Is America? fans knew was coming: an interview with America's most infamous acquitted person, O.J. Simpson.

Watching the interview unfold was a brain-rattling experience that made me say "I can't believe what I'm watching" over and over again. The clip, which aired after the finale's credits, isn't on YouTube yet, so I'll try to walk you through what it felt like to watch it live.

​O.J. Simpson, Who Is America?

O.J. Simpson, Who Is America?


1. Oh, the end credits. I guess that's it. That Women's March bit was kind of a flat place to end it. Weird choice. Oh wait, there's more. We have a post-credits sequence. What is this, a Marvel movie?

2. Ugh, Italian celebrity fashion photographer Gio Monaldo, my second least-favorite Who Is America? character after the British ex-con.

3. Oh my god, is that O.J.? Oh my god, they just called O.J. Simpson an "American hero and women's rights activist." This is nuts.

4. Gio's girlfriend looks like Rachel Weisz. She doesn't know who O.J. is.

5. Even O.J. thinks it's funny that Gio starts trying to describe him as a "Buffalo Bill," like football is what he's best known for at this point.

6. O.J. is right, the Naked Gun movies are pretty funny.


8. O.J. is taking this very well. It's amazing what people will tolerate just to be polite.

9. "She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her." Gio has some brass ones to sit there and say that to O.J. FREAKING SIMPSON. O.J. is uncomfortable with this, but he's not leaving, either. He also didn't really want to high-five Gio when he said, "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, oopsie daisy," but he did it.

10. Oh, but now he's adding to Gio's joke about a bungee jumping accident by saying "cord extra long." YIKES! Maybe he's not uncomfortable with this at all.

11. "My ex-wife."

12. Gio just asked him if he killed Johnny Cochran, too. Wow. This man's mind works quickly.

13. O.J. kinda looks like my aunt's ex-husband. He's a bad guy, too.

14. Oh my god, he's asking him about what happened the night Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered. "First of all, she wasn't my wife," O.J. says. O.J. said "my wife" to Baron Cohen.

15. "I didn't get away with anything with my wife, either," says Gio. Sacha Baron Cohen said that one just like Borat.

16. Oh, this is taking a dark turn. Gio is saying he murdered his wife.

17. "You weren't charged, so good for you." My goodness, O.J.

18. This is probably not the kind of product placement the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas had in mind.

19. "Me and you, we got-a something in common," Gio says. "We both, how you say, ladykillers." This is insane. This feels dangerous. Bad things happen when O.J. Simpson loses his temper, and SBC is pushing him.

20. Wow, they just fist-bumped about not murdering women like nudge nudge wink wink. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

21. Remember when O.J. had a prank show? He can probably respect Sacha's hustle. From one prankster to another.

22. The media pigeonholes people. "You kill two silly people and suddenly you're O.J. the Murderer."

23. Oh my god, Gio made a joke about hiding the cheese knife, because O.J.'s in town. O.J. covered his face on that one.

24. That's the end! As Borat would say, "wa wa we wa."

25. So they never even used the Sarah Palin footage. What a baller move. All that hype and then they didn't even show it. They must not have gotten what they wanted from her. She must have been boring. Did she not do her insane rambling?

26. But they did give her a credit as "Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent)." Wow, that is hilarious.

27. If this comes back for another season, how are they going to pull this off again? Hell, I'm still shocked that they pulled it off this time.

Who Is America? is available to stream on Hulu with the Showtime add-on and on Showtime Anytime.

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