Matt Bomer, Mark Sheppard Matt Bomer, Mark Sheppard

Poor Neal Caffrey.

After finally coming clean to Peter (Tim DeKay) about how his role in the coin robbery — and that he did it to get Peter out of prison — Neal (Matt Bomer) probably thought that the worst was behind him on White Collar. Think again!

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In this exclusive sneak peek from Thursday's episode (9/8c, USA), Hagen (Mark Sheppard) reveals that he has kidnapped Neal's lady love Rebecca (Bridget Regan). But what does Hagen want in return? You know, besides the window and the Mosconi Codex that Neal already stole for him?

Watch this exclusive clip to find out:

White Collar Exclusive Sneak Peek

Find out why Hagen kidnapped Rebecca in this clip from Thursday's new episode.

White Collar airs Thursdays at 9/8c on USA.