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After an explosive season that included a flashback episode giving insight into Neal and Peter's cat-and-mouse days and an epic finale, airing tonight, TV Guide Magazine asked the cast and creators of White Collar what kind of episode they'd like to do in Season 3. Turns out many of their wishes may come true.

Regarding the rumors that Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire, might co-write an episode, co-exec producer Mark Goffman tells TV Guide Magazine that the writing staff is very excited about the prospect. "We really hope that happens," he says. "We think an episode from her would be a lot of fun."

Tim DeKay (Peter) has a plotline ready, should Rice commit. "I'd immediately think that Peter is afraid of that whole vampire world. He wouldn't want to admit it, but he's scared to death. Like, he can't watch scary movies. And Neal finds that out and teases the hell out of him." DeKay says he'd also like to see Neal and Peter stuck in close quarters. "I've always had a dream of doing an episode where Neal and Peter get trapped in an elevator. They're just in there, sitting and talking, and they end up playing board games."

Matt Bomer (Neal) has a more action-packed dream episode in mind — he'd love to flash back to Neal's wild past again. "I would go back and see Neal pull off one of his biggest cons. I want a full on Oceans 11, top-to-bottom con pulled off, one of his biggest heists that he got away with. And have Peter on his tracks, almost catching him."

Willie Garson, whose Mozzie faced an uncertain fate in the mid-season cliffhanger, says we're definitely getting more origin stories in Season 3. "I know there's going to be a Mozzie flashback episode," he says.

The gang may not have to travel to the past for a big adventure, considering what Goffman has in store when the show returns in the summer. "I just finished writing a big treasure hunt episode, and it's kind of Dan Brown-ish, National Treasure-ish in the way we did it," he says. "That's going to be the second episode next season. And a musical episode would be awesome. I'd love to do a Broadway episode. That's something we talk about a lot. I think that would be a blast!"

What's your dream White Collar episode?

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