Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer

When White Collar returns for Season 5, Neal (Matt Bomer) will face his biggest assignment yet: get Peter (Tim DeKay) out of prison!

In the final moments of last season's finale, Peter was arrested for the murder of Senator Pratt — a murder Neal's dad committed before he quickly fled the scene. In this exclusive sneak peek from Thursday's premiere (9/8c, USA), Neal knows it's up to him to save his longtime handler and friend.

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"This is my fault," he tells Peter during a prison visit. But will Neal be able to get his dad to confess? Or is the mountain of evidence against Peter too much to overcome?

Watch this exclusive sneak peek to see just how Peter is doing behind bars and what's next:

White Collar Exclusive Sneak Peek

Can Neal clear Peter's name and get him out of prison? Check out this clip from the Season 5 premiere

White Collar's new season premieres on Thursday at 9/8c on USA. Do you think Neal can get Peter off? How do you think Agent Burke looks in orange?