It's that time of year again! Every Halloween, it's a time honored tradition for everyone to consume all the candy you're supposed to be saving for trick-or-treaters while watching the best Halloween movie of all time: Hocus Pocus.

Halloween just isn't really complete without watching a talking cat, two teens, a zombie and a super annoying little sister try to save their town from evil witches while Bette Middler plots to suck the lives out the children of Salem before sunrise.

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TV Guide is here to help you fulfill your October obligation by showing you all the ways you can watch this epic tale. Hocus Pocus is available for rent and purchase on iTunes and Amazon for under ten dollars, which is frankly, totally worth it. If you're not willing to shell out the cash though, here's a list of dates Hocus Pocus will be airing on Freeform during the rest of October.

Thursday, Oct. 19 at 8:50pm/7:50c
Friday, Oct. 20 at 6:20pm/5:20c
Sunday, Oct. 22 at 12:10pm/11:10c and 9:15pm/8:15c
Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 8:50pm/7:50c
Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 6:35pm/5:35c
Friday, Oct. 27 at 2:25pm/1:25c and 12am/11c
Saturday, Oct. 28 at 5:10pm/4:10c
Sunday, Oct. 29 at 4:45pm/3:45c
Monday, Oct. 30 at 8:50pm/7:50c and 12am/11c
Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 7:30am/6:30c
Hocus Pocus Marathon Tuesday, Oct. 31: 12pm/11c - 11pm/10c

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi, <em>Hocus Pocus</em>Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi, Hocus Pocus