Time: Wednesday, May 23 at 8/7c
Channel: CBS
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Ready for the finale two hours of Survivor: Ghost Island?

The final six castaways have made it to the Survivor season finale, but only one of them can take home the $1 million grand prize! You can watch the finale on CBS or CBS All Access, or you can stream it with services like Roku or fuboTV.

As we enter the finale, Domenick, Sebastian, Laurel, Wendell, Angela and Donathan are all that's left of our original 20 Survivor: Ghost Island contestants. It's been a long year of Reward and Immunity Challenges, and more than one nauseating dish was consumed to advance this far. The smart money for this year's winner is probably on either Sebastian or Angela, who've both come through this season as strong contestants, but Donathan definitely has an underdog thing going on.