Dancing's Sabrina Bryan's Xmas List Aw, how cute it's Sabrina and Mark's first Christmas together. And that can only mean one thing - lots of presents! The Dancing with the Stars contestant has made a wish list for her new honey. So what does this Cheetah Girl want under the tree this season? Try a mini Yorkie pup. And if all else fails a Nintendo Wii. Come on, Mark, you can afford both for your boo, no? Watch it now! |

More online videos Lewis Black Ventures Up Bush's A- - In Comedy Central's Last Laugh '07, Lewis Black and "the squad" ventured to solve the biggest mystery of the year for their opening animation - what's up Bush's a--! And you'll never guess what they found there: Let's see, his brain for starters Cheney's wedding ring ("from operating Bush like a puppet"), a satisfying conclusion to The Sopranos and, saving the best for last, a singing and dancing David Hasselhoff. More online videos Amy Winehouse's New Video She may be viewed as one the year's biggest train wrecks as far as artists are concerned (excluding a one Ms. Britney Spears), but as far as her music goes, Amy Winehouse is definitely no joke. With all those Grammy noms, it's fairly clear that this gal is one of 2007's heavy-hitters. And her latest music video "Love Is a Losing Game" proves it even more! More online videos Supermarket Brawl on Tonight's Cane Uh oh, forecasts are predicting a nasty hurricane to hit the Duques' town, and everyone is rushing around stocking up on supplies. But the storm seems to bring out the crazy in some people when a man with a tattooed forehead cuts in line, leading to a frantic shootout in the middle of the grocery store! Watch it now! | More online videos Adam Sandler's Ode to the Lunch Lady When it comes down to it, it's the teachers, coaches and guidance counselors who get all the credit for shaping the youth of this country. But SNL's Adam Sandler knew it was time to give credit where credit was really due - our lunch ladies! Whether it's Salisbury steak, meatloaf or tater tots, "Everybody here gets enough food down here in the magical Lunchlady Land." Watch it now! | More online videos For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!