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What to Stream the Weekend of Nov. 15

Dollface, I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry, and The Crown Season 3 are streaming picks for the weekend

Krutika Mallikarjuna

For those of you not glued to C-SPAN, there's a brand new slate of premieres to keep your mind off the impeachment hearings. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better if you watch these shows and catch up on the news via Twitter instead.

These recommendations courtesy of TV Guide are here to help you through your weekend binge. And if you're looking for even more suggestions, head over to TV Guide's Watch This Now! page, which has hand-picked recommendations for all the best shows you can start watching immediately.

1. Dollface

​Kat Dennings, Dollface
Ali Goldstein, Hulu

Hulu'sDollface stars Kat Dennings as Jules, a woman who recently got out of (aka was dumped) a longterm relationship and realizes she's lost touch with all her friends. Jules goes on quite a journey to prove herself to her old besties, and a lot of it is quite surreal. Dollface's twist is that it features a look inside Kat's mind, a place where barn cats work for public transportation and the paramedics burst through the door to resuscitate you when you like your ex's new boo's Instagram. A charming comedy featuring a stellar cast -- including Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, and Esther Povitsky -- Dollface is a great way to spend a Saturday.

2. I'm With the Band: Nasty Cherry


Netflix's third big experiment with music programming (first, concert films like Homecoming; second, the competition series with the excellent Rhythm & Flow) is a reality show about the band Nasty Cherry. You might be thinking, I've literally never heard of them before, and that's because pop icon Charli XCX brought them together specifically for this project. Charli XCX gives music fans a behind-the-scenes look at what the music industry could look like when a woman is managing and producing other women. Though it should be noted -- as the cast and bandmates frequently do -- getting your start because Charli XCX hand-picked you is not the normal way most people start out in the music industry.

3. The Crown

​Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown

The third season of The Crownis finally here after a long two-year wait. With cast turnover as the characters age significantly, The Crown is set to capture a nation's heart yet again. Starring a stately Olivia Colman as the older Queen Elizabeth and a wicked Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, age old family feuds are at a boiling point as the British empire crumbles around them. So escape into the public and personal downfall of one of the world's most influential families with The Crown -- it's the best we can do until Succession is back on air.

If you're still looking for something to watch, remember to check out TV Guide's Watch This Now! feature. It's full of hand-picked recommendations, from the talked-about shows to the gems you can't afford to pass up.