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What to Stream the Weekend of May 10: Wine Country, The Society, State of the Union

Wine Country, The Society, and State of the Union are streaming picks for the weekend

Krutika Mallikarjuna

If you're tensely counting the minutes till Dany burns King's Landing to the ground in Game of Thrones on Sunday, you're in for a bit of a wait. But have no fear; there's a ton of amazing streaming options to binge in the meantime. Lounge about this weekend with the premiere of State of the Union, a surprisingly sweet meditation on divorce; Wine Country, a raucous buddy comedy starring all your fave SNL ladies; and The Society, a new YA thriller from Netflix.

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1. State of the Union

Chris O'Dowd, Rosamund Pike; State of the Union
Parisatag Hizadeh/Confession Films/SundanceTV

The new Sundance TV streamer State of the Union is an intense, hilarious, twisted look at a couple on the brink of divorce. What's great about this series is that each episode -- and fights -- is bite-sized at just 10-15 minutes. A show that on another network might be an overwrought, overplayed series of stumbling blocks offers a fresh perspective as we jump into Louise (Rosamund Pike) and Tom's (Chris O'Dowd) pre-counseling drinking sessions with juuuuuuust enough time to tease out what's really wrong here. The most surprising thing about this series is that it's the opposite of dramatic. It's really a character study of two people that highlights both what drew them together and the massive gap in ambition and outlook that split them apart. Sweet, simple, and surprising, State of the Union is a whole new look at marriage and divorce.

2. Wine Country


What can I say about Wine Country other than she's really That Bitch? Amy Poehler's directorial debut is a classic buddy comedy road trip romp, except in this case, the buddies are biddies, and they're off on a winery tour to celebrate the 50th birthday of a friend. Filled with SNL stars including Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and Tina Fey, Wine Country is a perfect contemplation on mortality and what it means to feel young even as you age. May we all have this kind of energy as we crest the hill, 'cause lord knows none of us will be this funny. Call your girlfriends or group text ASAP because Wine Country is definitely a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

3. The Society

The Society
Dana Starbard/Netflix

The Society is a new YA thriller from Netflix, and though it might not live up to its socially aware compatriots like Sex Education or On My Block, it does offer a new twist on a dystopian future. The teens of one small town are transported to an identical location where there are no adults or children -- just teens. Every time they try to leave the town, they wind up in a generic forest they can't find their way out of. At first, they party as hard as possible, but the teens soon face a gripping quandary. Can people who are barely reaching adulthood handle all the adult problems that come with running an entire society? The show tackles class, power, and gender extremely well, but much like The Handmaid's Tale, seems to be afraid of addressing any race-related issues. But overall, it's an extremely compelling sci-fi binge worth dedicating a weekend to.

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