If you have weekend plans, we highly recommend bailing on all of them so you can spend some quality time with your various streaming providers catching up on all the must-see TV you've been missing. TVGuide.com editor-in-chief Mickey O'Connor has your weekly guide to what to stream the weekend of June 16th.


1. CounterPunch (Netflix)

Netflix's newest original documentary takes you into the world of amateur and professional boxing, following three young athletes at different points in their careers. If you're a fan of boxing or professional sports in general, this is something you'll definitely need to stream when it drops on Friday (June 16th).


2. The Ranch (Netflix)

Ashton Kutcher's Colorado-based comedy is back for Season 3, and it also drops on Friday (June 16th). Netflix sure knows how to make a sitcom, just make sure you don't burn through this season too quick. At only 30 minutes per episode, you'll find yourself at the end of the season faster than you think.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, SuitsGabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, Suits

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3. Suits (USA)

There's a lot to catch up on before Suits Season 7 premieres on July 12. First Mike was a fake lawyer, then he was a real convict, then a fake informant, and now a real lawyer? Did we get that right? Binge all six seasons of Suits on Amazon Prime and check back in with us.

Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke, James Wolk, <em>Zoo</em>Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke, James Wolk, Zoo

4. Zoo (CBS)

Zoo brings a whole new perspective to calling something a "wild animal," given that the animals have literally gone nutty. The Season 3 premiere on June 30th will be here before you know it, so be sure to catch up on Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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