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What to Stream the Weekend of Feb. 28

I Am Not Okay With This, Altered Carbon, and Dispatches From Elsewhere are streaming picks for the weekend

Krutika Mallikarjuna

At long last February is over, but with this winter chill setting in, you'd never know it. Get ready to hibernate with a cozy blanket, a streaming queue, and a lil something-something to sip on. If you're extra fancy maybe you'll make some mulled wine to sip on as you binge these excellent premieres, but we're not gonna dock points if you drink straight from the bottle.

These recommendations courtesy of TV Guide are here to help you through your weekend binge, and if you're looking for even more suggestions, head over to TV Guide's Watch This Now! page, which has hand-picked recommendations for all the best shows you can start watching immediately.

1. I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)

Sofia Bryant, Wyatt Oleff, and Sophia Lillis, I Am Not Okay With This

From the producers of Stranger Thingsand starring half the cast of It, comes Netflix's new supernatural coming-of-age dramaI Am Not Okay With This. The show is a delightful amuse bouche at 15-20 min episodic runtimes; the whole series can easily be binged in a few hours. What separates I Am Not Okay With This from the rest of its compatriots in an extremely crowded genre is how little the series focuses on superpowers as a solution. There's no evil big bad to fight, no town to save, no lives on the line - except that of our heroine Sydney (Sophia Lillis) who is trying to make a new life for herself after her father's death and her family's relocation to a new town. The incredibly tight series is all about human connection, and Sydney's superpowers come out when she starts to isolate herself from the world.

2. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

​Anthony Mackie, Altered Carbon
Diyah Pera/Netflix

If you found the first season of Altered Carbon boring as hell, nobody would blame you. Overloaded with generic sci-fi jargon and starring Joel Kinnaman, an actor with no ability to form facial expressions, Altered Carbon debuted a show that took itself so seriously that there was no room for genre fans to enjoy themselves. Thankfully Season 2 features an all new cast (thanks to the premise that people's consciousness can be transferred to different bodies, making them immortal), and stepping into the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs is none other than Marvel superstar Anthony Mackie. The charismatic actor can't be contained, and Mackie's rendition of Kovacs is not only fun to watch, but lets the audience know it's okay to enjoy themselves. In Season 2, Altered Carbon takes us on a deep dive of Kovacs' history through a clever use of the show's sci-fi tech, and while investigating a new murder on his home planet, Kovacs continues his search for his long lost love (played by Hamilton's Renee Goldsberry) who might be a suspect

3. Dispatches From Elsewhere (Hulu)

Jason Segel and Eve Lindley, Dispatches From Elsewhere
Zach Dilgard/AMC

Dispatches From Elsewheredefies explanation. Jason Segel's return to TV is sad, dark, funny, mystical, hopeful, and pretty much every other adjective under the sun. Based on a surreal scavenger hunt that was half art performance, half RPG, Dispatches From Elsewhere tells a fictionalized version of events that actually unfolded in San Fransisco. Designed by artist Jonathan Hull, Games of Nonchalance was a project that aimed to connect adults to the sense of childlike wonder and play they used to have in day-to-day life. By following clues, thousands of people went on a hunt for a missing woman named Eva who could bless them with Divine Nonchalance. Realizing half way through it was a game, the denizens of San Fransisco became addicted, and Hull recaptured the imagination of a whole city. Segel's version follows a similar path -- four strangers end up part of a movement that's trying to save a missing girl -- but what they end up with is something much more: a life filled with the kind of human connection and wonder that they didn't think they deserved.

If you're still looking for something to watch, remember to check out TV Guide's Watch This Now! feature. It's full of hand-picked recommendations, from the talked-about shows to the gems you can't afford to pass up.