Looking for something to binge this weekend while putting the final touches on that Halloween costume? There's a perfect mixed bag of options to suit everyone's taste. Love to revel in the campy horror of pulp comics and '90s nostalgia? Looking for an unadulterated pack of mean girls to remind you how much you've grown since high school? Want a high stakes British drama that shares its name with a Whitney Houston classic? They're all here in this week's TV recommendations.

These recommendations come courtesy of me, TV Guide Senior Editor Krutika Mallikarjuna, and I'm here to help you through your weekend binge. And if you're looking for even more suggestions, head over to TV Guide's Watch This Now!, which has hand-picked recommendations for all the best shows you can start watching immediately.

1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The name Sabrina is about to be just as popular again as it was when Melissa Joan Hart was playing our fave teenaged witch back in the day. But unlike the light-hearted '90s sitcom, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a deliciously campy, dark turn on the story. That's because Chilling Adventures isn't a reboot of the '90s classic, but an adaptation of a gothic comic series of the same name under the Archie Horror banner. The same people who brought you the moody murder mysteries of Riverdale are now tackling the life and times of Sabrina, and frankly the aesthetic and tone makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE when there's actual witchcraft involved. Bonus: Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men fame lights up the show as Sabrina, and will soon have you asking Sally who?

2. Bodyguard

I know what you're thinking: Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner did it better! But the British thriller actually has nothing to do with the iconic film. Considered one of England's biggest hits of 2018, the show has a lot more in common with shows like Homeland, as it centers on one man's return home from war and his transition back into normal life as — you guessed it — a bodyguard. Starring Richard Madden (who you all know as the OG King in the North) as David Budd, the tense, gritty drama pits him against the political powerhouse of a woman he's meant to protect.

3. Heathers

If it feels like you've been hearing about the Heathers reboot FOREVER, that's because you have. The controversial reimagining of the groundbreaking movie was delayed and then pulled from Paramount's schedule entirely in the wake of multiple school shootings. Then Paramount decided to condense the show's original ten episodes into nine, remove multiple scenes depicting school violence, and air the edited season over the course of five nights. After all the back and forth, Heathers feels like a must see — if only to watch a train wreck in slow motion.

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