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In the wake of the WGA's quick dismissal of the AMPTP's recent offer, or what they call the "New Economic Partnership," TVGuide.com readers have raised their voices about this latest development. So far, most reader responses are in favor of the producers. So, is everyone tired of the writers' demands? Below, we've gathered several comments that showed us how you, as TV viewers, are reacting.

"Break the union, fire all the people who don't want to work, and get some fresh writers. Greedy people don't need to work." — wornout

"Producers, cut the crap. Make a real offer and let's get on with it." — bravegal

"[People who think] the writers are just being greedy are just completely out of touch with reality. Writing for television is a specialized skill, and that $1.3 billion is being split up a whole lot of ways." — havok5178

"I have mixed feelings. I don't hold the writers in very high regard. Will they do penance for the odious Izzie/George plot on Grey's? Maybe it's time for viewers to go on strike." — Leni

"I feel that the networks, producers and big-name actors are the ones being greedy. Why should actors be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode? That's just obscene." —traceydw

"Dismissing the writers' strike simply because people in Hollywood tend to make more money than average Americans is not much better than a 5-year-old throwing a temper tantrum [over a toy he wants]." — kaysidawn

"When you write a story and get paid for it, that should be it. You've sold your work. When a baker sells a loaf of bread, he doesn't expect to get paid for every sandwich made from that loaf." — grrandram

"I think this is totally ridiculous. Do they realize doing a real job in the USA probably averages $30,000 a year? Get my plane ticket ready because I certainly could write a lot better than most of those soap writers." — GinaG

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