HBO unveiled the trailer for Westworld Sunday night, treating Game of Thrones viewers to the most promising glimpse yet of the forthcoming big-budget sci-fi series.

Westworld is based on the 1973 movie of the same name, about an adult amusement park where visitors can act out their sinful fantasies on androids. Evan Rachel Wood stars as a 'girl' who realizes her life in Westworld is just a Blade Runner-like artificial construction. The cast also includes heavy hitters like Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton. It looks great, with well-lit scenes in gleaming sci-fi interiors and dusty Western exteriors. It's also co-created by Jonathan Nolan (Person of Interest, Interstellar), who knows how to do clever sci-fi.

Evan Rachel Wood, <em>Westworld</em>Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld

But Westworld has had a troubled path to the screen. The pilot was shot almost two years ago, and the show has gone through significant delays (it was originally scheduled to premiere last year) and cast shuffles (Miranda Otto dropped out due to schedule conflicts with Homeland). Usually, significant delays do not inspire confidence in a show's quality, but Westworld, judging from this trailer, looks like it could be an exception.

We'll find out when Westworld premieres in October on HBO. Check out the trailer above.