Katherine Heigl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Katherine Heigl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
The West Wing
After spending this weekend in Washington, D.C., I was particularly ready for an hour of West Wing's unique brand of patriotic populism. But what did I get?

Love, American Style. The Desperate Housewives usually don't get this much play on a Sunday night. Between Josh and Donna, Lou and her speech-writing boy toy, Bruno's last-nameless date, and Mr. and Mrs. Santos getting it on, I was beginning to think maybe I should have gone into politics. Then I realized that these people only seem to get action when a president's about to be elected. (Sex once every four years? Sounds too much like high school.)

The only one seemingly not getting busy was C.J., who was trying to figure out how she is going to keep busy after her political days are over. Maybe as Charlie suggested (Good to see Dulé Hill again!), she could look into "world domination" as a career move. What's next may also be a problem for Will and Kate, who just learned that they're on opposite sides of the political fence. (Carville-Matalin, anyone?)

Even with all the love in the air and even with the double dose of Donna, Josh couldn't keep his act together as the numbers came in. Last time Mr. Lyman flipped out like that, they made him sit in a room with Adam Arkin for an entire episode. So, what's the problem with the numbers? Neither Bruno nor Josh could make sense of the polling data. Despite the Santos campaign's cautious optimism, this is going to be a tight race. (It is a two-parter, after all.) And Annabeth's discovery is going to complicate matters more than just a little.