West Wing
The Sopranos aren't the only long-lost friends returning tonight. After almost two months, The West Wing

is back. Remember when there used to be actual television seasons, starting in the fall and ending in the summer? Honestly, George Lucas wasted less time between Star Wars episodes than these guys. Now the lame-duck series can finally begin its swan song. For longtime Wing fans, the show's cancellation is bittersweet. It's definitely time to wrap it up, but we just hope the series goes out with a bang, not a whimper. Well, this episode definitely starts off in the "bang" category with a Josh-Donna kiss, breaking the West Wing's longest-standing taboo before the title sequence! Was anyone else surprised at how cool both of them played it? There was a little awkwardness and a few furtive glances, but by the time Donna made her power move by slipping Josh her hotel key, it seemed like both were finally ready to take the plunge. But, of course, it just turned into another missed opportunity. Damn that eagle-eyed staffer who spotted the key! Cool, however, was certainly not how Kate and Will were handling their young romance. These two have the most awkwardly illicit relationship since those cowboys rode down from Brokeback Mountain.

Even if Josh and Donna aren't, the Santos campaign is getting lucky as Vinick's popularity plummets after the nuclear accident. The major meltdown was in his office, though, as Patricia Richardson's Sheila fell on her sword to appease the right-wing arm of the Republican party, proving that even the Red States hated Home Improvement. However, both campaigns (and the winner's administration) are now endangered by the growing crisis in Kazakhstan. Man, these guys picked a rough year to run for prez. What's on tap for next week? Plague? Locusts?