The West Wing There was radioactive and political  fallout in the air with tonight's Three Mile Island-meets-Hurricane Katrina scenario. In a classic example of West Wing wish fulfillment, we got to see how the Bartlet Administration might handle a massive national disaster. In a word: well. From the emergency's get-go, Bartlet took command with his "the buck stops with me" leadership style. (Hmmm, wonder what the writers were getting at there?) From venting the radiation to asking the engineers to keep working, to making the trip to the disaster site, POTUS was on top of his game. It was a good day's work, even if the prez was getting advice from

Oz's Schillinger. With all that going on, Kate still had to keep track of that other China syndrome brewing in Kazakhstan. While the president was facing a series of increasingly tough calls, the candidates had to play all the political angles of the national disaster. It looks like Vinick's lobbying for the nuclear plant could result in an election-day meltdown. Not only does he look responsible for an enormous cloud of uranium, he managed to make the traffic in Southern California even worse! The big question of the night was whether Josh would leak the info about Vinick's ties to the plant. OK, maybe it wasn't that big a question for Bruno, who knew that he would because "Josh has political Tourette's syndrome." (Is it just me, or is Ron Silver looking more and more like the devil?) Fortunately for the Santos campaign, the story got out before Josh ordered Donna to leak it, and now the run for election is in a dead heat.