Wierd Al Wierd Al

Yes, that's "Weird Al" Yankovic behind that mask, protecting the people and saving the earth as Super Magic Power Man. Yankovic guest stars on the Season 1 finale of The Hub's The Aquabats! Super Show, which airs June 16 (11am ET, 8am PT).

In the episode, Super Magic Power Man and his sidekick, Lanolin Lady, save the earth from an evil alien invasion — much to the chagrin of The Aquabats, who had hoped to do the same thing.

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"Al is first and foremost a professional," says creator Christian Jacobs (who also plays MC Bat Commander). "He's very committed to the role, no matter how ridiculous it is. His career speaks to his commitment to his professionalism and he's obviously very into what he does. We were all very lucky to work with him and it was a great experience for all of us."

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Here's an exclusive clip from "Weird Al's" appearance on The Aquatbats! Super Show.


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