Weezer Weezer

In an ultimate, meta-geektastic TV homage, Weezer is coming to Pinkerton!

Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the hit band are guest-starring in Monday's episode of The Hard Times of RJ Berger. In order to impress Amy (Caitlyn Crosby), RJ (Paul Iacono) ventures to the wrong side of the tracks to find fake IDs and tickets to a 21 and older concert for Weezer. (Weezer does impress the ladies. Have you heard "Buddy Holly"? Swoon.)

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Fans of the show will appreciate the band's appearance. The series has always paid tribute to Weezer, even naming their fictional town Pinkerton, the title of the band's 1996 album.

Check out an exclusive clip of the episode below and check out first look photos of their appearance here.