This week's task plays into the notion that old people can't get their VCRs to stop blinking 12:00, and also into the one that says we viewers at home really, really like Best Buy and should consider purchasing products there. But before we can ogle the shiny new gadgets and ponder their respective MSRPs, we've got to decide who's gonna be project manager. Let's see, who's been through the most hardship recently, and would therefore be nearly bulletproof in the boardroom Randal! You just got back from your grandmother's funeral I'd say you're looking pretty keen to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and lead Team Excel to a win. And Rebecca! You've got a freshly broken ankle let's grab those crutches and get Capital Edge crackin'.

What we learn: Seniors aren't actually that clueless about technology; reborn scapegoat Markus thrives when you hand him a TiVo remote and a captive audience and Jennifer W.'s concept of "party planning" involves fruit punch and frosting-typos. (Although frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about I attended a "Tethno Expo" back in '98 and it was a total blast.) Moments before her inevitable firing, Merriam-Webster tries to explain that her grandmother loved cake. Sweet, delicious, misspelled cake. If she could stop repeating herself for 30 seconds and offer up a convincing argument, I might feel a little bit sorry for her. But all I hear is the broken record of desperation: She threw me under a bus! How can seven brilliant women be so wrong? Toral's the weakest link! My grandmother loves caaaaake! Buh-bye. 

Oh, and Clay? Don't think we've already forgotten about you more or less calling George "old" right to his face. Here's hoping Señor Karma saves that one for a rainy day.