This week on "Mackenzie Allen, Warrior Princess": "This is not Mac the President talking, this is Mac the Mother. Don't mess with my kids." And then she pulled out a semiautomatic weapon and filled the entire White House Press Corps full of lead. With her eyes. While Mom's dealing with an international crisis, the two older kids head back to school for the first time since they became the first family. Hey, I feel your pain my first day at school was always like that, too. With the secret service motorcade, the paparazzi and the News 5 chopper circling overhead just wait till you get to calculus. Then your day's really gonna start to suck.

I'm glad to see we're still getting flashbacks with the former president peel back the layers ever so slowly. So maybe Templeton's not all insidious weasel, and maybe the late President Bridges was actually kind of a tool. And speaking of Bridges, what chance does your kid have not to be president if you name him "Teddy Roosevelt," really? He's either going to rule the free world or own a car dealership.

Before all is said and done, Mac manages to overthrow a rebel government in Latin America, put a dent in international drug trafficking and share a peaceful evening with her husband and sleeping youngest child. Oh, with the beautiful tableau of the Oval Office and the mother protecting her children, your children and all the children who ever skipped merrily across this harsh and lovely Earth. It's a heavy-handed ending to a perfectly solid episode and I have to wonder how that might change with the arrival of new show runner Steven Bochco. Secret Service Agent Sipowicz has a nice ring to it, no?