Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk

Heading to New York to reunite with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) may turn out to be a bad idea for Andy (Justin Kirk) and the Botwin boys, as they'll come to learn in Weeds' seventh season that they finally need to get out from under Nancy's thumb.

Though Andy, Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) spent three years in Copenhagen away from Nancy and her latest schemes, the minute she was released from jail, the family headed to New York, hoping to find a hopefully changed Nancy. However, Andy found himself going from guardianlike figure to middleman, stuck between the grateful Shane and the bitter Silas.

"Shane feels a great deal of debt based on the fact that Nancy went to prison for him, and so he's working that out," Kirk says. "Silas, on the other hand, is understandably still freaked-out about the fact that the identity of his real father was kept from him until he discovered it on his own."

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As for Andy's feelings toward Nancy, and following her around sometimes like a lovesick puppy, Kirk says that may change. "From what I can tell, it seems like it is evolving and may actually take a turn that's quite different from the past."

Still, the family will be together for a while, even once they find their own lives apart from the Botwin matriarch. "Well, everybody's an adult now — I mean, I guess Andy always has been, if not emotionally than certainly chronologically — but the kids are grown-up, too. To see things from Nancy's point of view when she says, 'You guys have to now go do your own thing,' that makes a little bit of sense. I mean, we were apart from her for three years, and both Silas and Shane are adults now."

Andy will also heed Nancy's advice to become his own man by attempting to start up a business. He says it's "a real product that is not out in America yet ... in its experimental stages." Of course, you can't expect Andy to be successful right away. "Maybe for a second," he says.

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Though Andy is still "moony" over Nancy, Kirk says his character will find solace in Lindsay Sloane's new character, Maxeen, who first appeared last week as an eccentric artist who was impressed by Andy's willingness to jump into a sticky situation. However, we'll come to learn she's in an open marriage. "They live in an unusual arrangement that seems to work for both of them," Kirk says. "And maybe Andy, who always thought of himself as an extremely open-minded, freewheeling dude, [but] when he first comes across it, thinks, 'Wow, am I a square?' and has to decide whether or not he is."

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