Weeds, Mary Louise Parker Weeds, Mary Louise Parker

After three years in prison, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) gets released in the Season 7 premiere of Weeds — and not everyone will be happy.

Her family, from whom she'll initially hide her release, will return from Copenhagen hoping for answers and absolution. However, Nancy just wants to get "back to basics," executive Jenji Kohan tells TVGuide.com, adding that the series' three-year jump was "a risk, but we needed to shake it up."

Weeds finale post-mortem: Creator Jenji Kohan says show may end after next season

If last year was about Nancy's past catching up with her, what would you say this year is about?
Jenji Kohan:
This year is the chickens coming home to roost. You can only push your family so far before they start to rebel to a certain to extent, and it's about what happens then. A lot of mistakes she's made, she may have to face now. These are mistakes she made with her children and nothing haunts you like that.

How will she deal with her family problems?
I think she's got some work to do. She hasn't resolved a lot of issues with people in her family and she needs to do some makeup work on that. Shane [Alexander Gould], to a certain extent, is certainly grateful. Silas [Hunter Parrish] is going to be a tough nut and I think Andy [Justin Kirk] is always the most open, so I don't think he'll be difficult.

Andy is still harboring feelings for Nancy. In your mind, are they meant to be together?
No, I don't. It would be nice, but ultimately I don't think it's in the stars for them. The problem is, for these kids and Andy, she's their True North; she's their grounding touchstone. They keep finding themselves going back because they're so untethered in every other part of their life and she's their constant, so they're going to find themselves coming back to her whether it's the healthy choice or not. In a way, she's sort of trained them to have this response to her.

What would you say prison taught Nancy?
Not much. [Laughs.] Maybe she learned more crime because prison can be a crime school, and maybe she explored some of the more sapphic parts of herself, but in terms of repentance or reform, that's just not Nancy.

What can you tell us about Nancy's business this year?
She's back to basics as a pot dealer. It's where she cut her teeth, what she's good at and what she likes. She needs to find her way back in. She needs something to trade and is starting out with nothing. Nancy just wants to get back to what she knows how to do.

Martin Short, Aidan Quinn to be among Weeds guest stars

Guest stars this season include Martin Short and Aidan Quinn. What can you tell us about them?
One is a potential love interest for Nancy, you can probably guess which. [Laughs.] And one is an attorney for Nancy in her time of need. [Short's character] is a little tilted, but I think he's a good lawyer. He likes [prison secrets] and collects them. It's Nancy's currency, because he's a narrative junkie and likes a good story. There's also a distinct possibility that some faces from the past will show up.

Each season, Nancy manages to land a hot guy. Will it just be Quinn's character?
There's more than one guy. That's Nancy; she's a woman of appetites. But she tends to leave a trail of bodies in her wake. I doubt [there's hope for her] because she's damaged. We can always hope — because every pot has its lid. Maybe her craziness will mesh with someone else's.

As we first reported, you said Season 7 could be Weeds' final year. Is that still the plan?
All I know is that my deal is up and we haven't been picked up yet. I'm preparing to write a finale that could go both ways. We have several versions. I'm a planner. [Laughs.]

Check out a scene from the season premiere of Weeds, which airs Monday at 10/9c on Showtime: