The man who brought you The Sixth Sense and Signs is now bringing his twisty, suspenseful style to Fox's Wayward Pines.

M. Night Shyamalan directed the pilot and is executive-producing the 10-part psychological thriller, which is based Blake Crouch's bestselling series of books. The series stars Matt Dillon as a secret service agent whose search for two fellow agents leads him to the mysterious titular town — a place he begins to learn may be impossible to escape. So, what about this project brought Shyamalan on board?Check out Wayward Pines and other must-watch new shows

"It requires a confluence of many factors that come to the table that make you do something you've never done before," he says in the exclusive first-look video below. "In this case it was the right subject matter, the right script, the right back story of where the story was going, the right cast and what people want to see right now on TV. They want to see darker stuff, they want it more complex, they want to live with the characters more."

Also aiding Shyamalan's choice was the star-studded cast, which also features Carl Gugino, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard and Juliette Lewis. And although the show has been compared to Twin Peaks, Shyamalan is confident that this story has plenty to offer.

"We make dangerous choices," Shyamalan says. "We don't want to play it safe. We're OK with putting our chin out there, and from that comes really interesting and unique stuff."

To see what the cast says about working with Shyamalan and footage from the series, click play below. Wayward Pines premieres Thursday, May 14 at 9/8c on Fox.