<EM>Rock Star: INXS</EM> Rock Star: INXS

Another so-so, way too long episode. I promised myself I wouldn't complain too much about the painfully drawn-out audition process and would withhold judgment until it got into the actual "Hollywood" portion of the show, but honestly, did it really need to be an hour and a half? I think not. But there were some interesting characters in L.A., like roller-skating dude Andre, Big Poppa and that cute Timo guy. I'm not the only one who found Timo attractive Nigel's wife (and fellow judge) Bonnie apparently also thought his sexy costume worked well. Nigel claims to live to make her happy. That is, when she can get a word in edgewise; he's always talking, and Bonnie and Jeff are relegated to minuscule roles where they have to act more agreeable than Paula Abdul. But at least they are spared having to read atrocious voice-over dialogue like host Lauren Sanchez. My favorite sample of the evening: "So far L.A. has produced a real cocktail of talent up now, a white Russian." And then a tiny girl named Snow from Siberia walked on stage. Yup, I think even Seacrest would have bowed out of that one. My TiVo cut off the previews for next week, but I'm praying that there will be an actual dancing competition and not just more tryouts. If not, I may try to use the fact that I am over the age limit to audition for this show to justify skipping this agonizing part of the show.