Tosh.0 Tosh.0

Funnyman Daniel Tosh has been getting all sorts of sassy on the second season of his Soup-like Comedy Central series, Tosh.0. But unlike Joel McHale's clipfest, which primarily mines the worlds of talk shows and reality TV for the funny, Tosh trolls the web and headlines for bizarro bits and works them over like they owe him money. Last night, the vaguely effete funnyman was on fire, thanks to a hit list that included the remote-control defiling kid from YouTube's killer "WOW Freakout" video, ("was he possessed by a gay ghost?"), his Comedy Central colleagues ("No women were involved in the making of the program...that's how you do it, Daily Show"), and, of course, Mel Gibson ("Enjoy the rest of your life getting drunk at home alone in your white sheet"). It was one zinger after another, and almost every one was wrong in all the right ways. And that's all right by us.

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