Aaron Ashmore and Eddie McClintock Aaron Ashmore and Eddie McClintock

Welcome back to TV's official world of endless wonder!

Warehouse 13 opened back up for Season Three last night, and for fans of the super-fun sci-fi drama — about secret agents tasked with tracking down cursed artifacts — it was everything we'd hoped for and gave us even more to hope for. Like...

More charm: The addition of Aaron Ashmore as new team member Steven Jinks surely means oodles of fresh antagonism and well-written witticisms from Eddie McClintock's professional wise-ass Pete. And that is always a good thing.

More drama: Human lie-detector Jinks could also twist up the dynamic among the crew, especially now that Joanne Kelly's Myka is back among the fold...and apparently not exactly thrilled about it. Girl better work on her poker face.

More mythology: The twist at the end with the Southern FBI agent? Hello, mysterious Big Bad with the fabulous lighting!

More Claudia: After all, Mrs. Frederic's fated replacement went from recurring to series regular in Season Two and got some good screen time last night. Here's to seeing sassy Allison Scagliotti's role expanding even further.

More H.G. Welles: Love her or hate her, she stirs the pot like nobody's biz. And seeing how Syfy is prepping a spin-off for Jamie Murray, you know she'll be playing a major role leading up to that (still TBA) launch.

More Sparks: Jinks even called Pete and Myka out on their "repressed sexual tension." Could this be the season our star-crossed Secret Service agents finally put the "steam" in their steampunk surroundings?

So what do you think? Did you revisit Warehouse 13 last night? And what would you like to see this coming season?

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