Vanessa Williams and Felicity Huffman Vanessa Williams and Felicity Huffman

Oh yeah... this is gonna be good.

For those of you who may have given up on Desperate Housewives over the past few seasons, it's time to come back home. Because last night marked a return to its previously fiesty form (as well as a return of several original characters aside from just Paul Young) with the arrival of the ever- awesome Vanessa Williams.

Hells yeah we loved her on Ugly Betty, and here it seems that she's pured the best, bitchiest parts of her Wilhelmina Slater into the form-fitting role of Renee, Lynette's married-to-money former college roomie. And although Renee doesn't have the OTT fashion sense or Cruela de vivre villainy of Willie, she does have the same stiletto-sharp tongue and prickly chemistry with everyone who enters her orbit.

Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that the writers keep it up and don't squander this inspired addition. With Renee revealing her crumbling marriage, this opens up some HUGE possibilities for her to start preying on the men of Wisteria Lane while playing with the heads of our in-need-of-an-enemy Housewives. Plus, let's face it, DH has gotten kind of bland and could seriously use the spice Williams brings to the table.

Are you excited for Housewives again? Or is this just a desperate move?

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