Morena Baccarin and Christopher Shyer Morena Baccarin and Christopher Shyer

Oh mama!

The Visitors sure turned it out for their finale last night and if this is the final time we see 'em, at least they made it a bloodbath to remember. Not to spoil it for anyone who DVR'd the episode — which is most likely the series finale — we'll just say the powers-that-be seemed to have doused the hour in those sort of "whoaaa" moments that would have earned the reboot a lot more buzz had they been spread out over the relatively uneventful second season. Multiple deaths, the long-awaited look at the Vs without their skin, the arrival of original-recipe hunk Marc Singer as the leader of another anti-V group, and a botched Fifth Column plan of attack that may have cost mankind everything. God knows we certainly lost a big reason to tune back in should the show miraculously be renewed (again, no spoilers, but anyone who was jazzed about a certain cast addition this season should get the hint). But hey, in Anna's battle for mankind, I guess it's every woman for herself. And that twist definitely gave us the best line of the night.

So now we're left with a less-than-blissful cliffhanger, a lot of carnage among major characters and very little hope for a third season — not exactly a happy ending for the show or for the viewers who stuck in there. But then again, unresolved storylines, anemic ratings and tragically short shelf lives shouldn't be alien to fans of the traditionally troubled sci-fi genre.

Did you stick with V? What did you think of the finale?

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